6 am - 4 pm, 7 pm - 12 am M-F, Sat 12 pm - 4 pm:

Classic Rock Majestic Style!

An exceptional mix of the great classic sounds from the ’70s, ’80s, and 90’s.

4 pm - 7 pm Daily:

Classic Soul! 

A superlative mix of "old-school" classic soul JAMS from the 70s, 80s, & 90s hosted by Mark "1-Heart" Pruitt.

Lite @ Night: Overnight Ambient and Classical Music Mix: Midnight-6am Daily

Saturday 6 am-12 pm:

Music From The Screens (Movie & TV Scores, and from the Stage).

7 pm - 10 pm Sat & Sun:

Old-Time Radio, The Golden-Years of radio broadcasting Presentation:

Saturday is "Sci-fi and Suspense" Saturday with "Space-Patrol", "Ray Bradbury Theater" and Classic Other features.

Sunday is "Civil Service Sunday" with "Dragnet", "Precinct 21", The Old-Time Detectives, and other sentinels and protectors of our community.

Sunday 6 am - 12 Noon:

Classic Oldies - A superlative mix of music from rock-n-rollers from the "Happy-Days" era of the "50s and "60s.

Sunday 12 noon - 4 pm:

Memorable "Easy-Listening" - An eclectic mix of vocal and instrumental favorites from "The Rat Pack", Nat King Cole, Bing Crosby, Perry Como, Tony Bennet, Henry Mancini, and many others.

We encourage your participation and suggestions because

UAR is a station dedicated to putting our “LISTENERS FIRST” and

providing a listening experience that makes you “HAPPY”!