6am-9am Daily:

Music for Your Meditation

A calming backdrop of music perfect for your morning meditation to start your day.


9am-3pm Mon-Thursday:

Daytime mix of Easy-Listening and Classic Oldies 

An eclectic crossover mix of classic Easy Listening tunes from the great crooners and instrumentalist, along with classic sounds from the 60s and as far back as the “Happy-Days” of Sock-Hops and Doo-Wop which was the birth of Rock-and-Rock 

(Listener suggestions are welcomed).


3pm-6pm & 9pm-Midnight Mon-Fri:

Classic Rock (Pop, Soul-R&B) Majestic Style 

An exceptional mix of the great classic sounds from the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s

(Listener suggestions are welcomed).


6pm-9pm Mon-Fri, Sat. 3pm-6pm:

Evening Classics (Classical Music) 

This stylish classical mix takes you from Baroque to Brahms, Beethoven to Stravinsky and much more. Evening Classics is an ideal backdrop of music for the early evening hours at the end of your workday.


9am-3pm Fri-Sat:

Music from The Screens (Movies, TV, & The Stage)

An exciting and unique mix of songs from your favorite movies, TV shows and the Broadway stage (Listener suggestions are welcomed).


Sat-Sun 6pm-Midnight:

Old-Time Radio (The Golden Years of Radio)

Remembering the great radio classics of the “pre-television” era. We feature shows such as: “Dragnet”, “The Shadow”, Inner Sanctum”, “Mystery Playhouse”, “The Whistler”, and much more.


Sunday 9am-3pm:

Soulful Sunday (Various Talk Features)

A format consisting of talk shows that provide practical self-help, and tools for your personal development.


We encourage your participation and suggestions because

UAR is a station dedicated to putting our “LISTENERS FIRST” and

providing a listening experience that makes you “HAPPY”!